EVERYDAY DESIGN: Great Finds from
Around the World

Everyday Design: Great Finds from Around the World was conceived by the AIGA Center for Cross-Cultural Design in order to support AIGA’s mission of reaching out to the global community. By displaying items of everyday use from diverse cultures this exhibition will encourage visitors to make their own comparisons and be inspired by materials not traditionally considered “designed” objects. From the wood screenprinting blocks used to make sari patterns in India to the cartoon-like graphics on Japanese stationery, there are many beautifully designed and highly functional items that may inform and inspire other kinds of design.

By finding and involving contacts in each country of inclusion, Everyday Design will initiate communication between designers in various parts of the world. This is intended to lead to an exchange of ideas between cultures, greater exposure for designers, and a better understanding of graphic design. Because the global community continues to shrink with the advancement of technology and individuals often remain isolated in their daily routines by the pressures of time and economics, we hope that everyone may be able to find a unifying voice through the graphics exhibited in Everyday Design.

Vesna Petrovic,
Exhibitions and Programs Director, AIGA XCD